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The Surcouf "Oceanic"

Th is a radio recently discovered up for bids on eBay.  I have never seen a radio like this before! It is described as being manufactured with BOTH Bakelite and wood - a very rare occurance. The style is absolutely pure deco.

(eBay item #2108651843 -ends June 6)

Mother of Pearl!
Highly unusual Mother of Pearl
covered radio by Emerson

Pillow Radio
Popular in the 40s, the radio would attach to your headboard and the little speaker would be under the pillow!

Bakelite Cathedral
by Emerson
The Radio Bar
 circa 1940. Fun concept!
RCA Worlds Fair
Custom made radio for the New York World's fair. An incredibly well crafted radio.- Sold  for over $1,300.00
The "Lumitone" Rocket
Lamp/Radio. Made by Mitchell Mfg in 1940. 16" tall from base to lamp socket. Reflects the beginning of the space-age craze of the late 50's. (That's not the original lampshade).

The Black Addison
Deco defined! These two -toned
catalins are very collectable
Catalin Moulding
Would you buy this at a garage sale?
Think again...sold at auction for $1000.00! It's the highly sought after marble swirl Catalin body that brings the price.
The Arvin 302
Here is a radio/record player that exemplifies the early  part of  the "dashboard" radio era .The chrome grill is much too cool!

The Blue Spartan
Heavy duty collectable which usually sells for 2k or more. One of few radios - let alone anything - made with the blue mirroring. Add that to a stunning design and you can see why this radio is so popular.

The Blue Crosley
The other great blue mirror collectable. Watch out for reproductions.



No, not  an Audi!

The Fada "bullet" radio. Classic deco design made of catalin.
The Fada "bullet" again in alternate colors.
Fada Temple Catalin Radio


The Crosley  "Dashboard"
A popular collectable and a great "starter" radio for your collection!
JC Penney Stereo Multiplex!
(better known as the kitchen radio I grew up with!)

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