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Special of the moment!
Get your very own custom designed greeting card! Imagine putting your loved one in the chair next to George Bush! Or placing them smack in the middle of a comic book scene! The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is get me a picture of who you want on the card, what situation you'd likle them to be in, and we'll create a sharp looking card with a professional appearance.

Here's my nephew Tim saving the damsel in distress
and fighting off the sea creature!

Custom Greerting Cards : only $5.00 plus s&h

Zephyrworks News

BiffBangPow! picks Zephyrworks!
In a showing of their true wisdom - BiffBangPow!, a national internet music retailer,
chose Zephyrworks to design their new logo. CEO Steve S. said he was  pleased with the results!

ZephyrWorks was contacted by the owners of the famous Buffalo Co. Restaurant in Omaha. The restaurant needed a unique "at a glance" type of menu for the lounge (Murphy's) next door. Working together, ZephyrWorks and Buffalo Co. created a dynamic and fun menu with a motif that complimented both the restaurants New York style atmosphere and Murphy's  fun and new "Lounge Lizard" look.


NEW TRELLIX SITE LAUNCHED BY ZEPHYRWORKS    ZephyrWorks was recently commissioned by Castle Barrett of Omaha to launch, build and maintain their debut web site promoting the dynamic social hall. Although the site is still in development, early opinions indicate that the site is a hit. See it now at


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 Biz Cards

Watch for more samples coming soon....