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The Jeffrey Family   ·   Friends n' such   ·   Photography by Rich

Friends and such
In no particular order, here our my dearest friends...

Marti - My Sweet, beautiful mind, highly opinionated, ...but usually right! Simply  the best.
We have set a tentative wedding date of December 28th! Stay tuned!

Mark -Former  tenant, tech-freak, and financial commerce slave. Eats tuna with bar-b-que sauce on it. Really.  Nuff said.

Omaha Symphony Box office Guru, fishes with one hand while mixing cocktails with the other.

Bill - Public Radio guru, a big soft heart inside a sophisticated crunchy shell.
Graphic Photographer, world traveler,
Harley goddess, super goofy bunch o fun!
Philanthropist, feared lawyer, heart of gold, sweetness defined!
 Supermusic brain, building retirement
with e-bay.

 Super music guru with penchant for fun. Asks for chocolate covered ants at grocery.

Lauren - Writer, Photographer, Poet, Sweet as can be pen pal from England.
Destined for great places!
Steve, Eric and Kevin in a moment of poor judgment

Lisa - Vibrant, wonderful,
sweet, funny, smart... a pure peach of a gal!

More to come!

Emily M  and Sam B